See what it´s like to go kamping K2 style

Kamp K2

What is Kamp K2?

Welcome to Kamp!

We pride ourselves in bringing together kampers from all sides of the mountain and molding them into one happy family!.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a full mountain to share only with friends, fellow shop employees, K2 staff and pro riders for two days? Think about it, two days of no lift lines, fresh tracks, and endless touring options with daily access just steps away from the private Kamp K2 site right on top of the mountain. Sounds too good to be true? It will be kind of like summer kamp when you were a kid, only it's spring, and well, totally different than summer kamp because of the snow. Ride, party and kamp K2 style. It's yours for the taking because you have been supporting K2's efforts all season and we owe it to you. Sign up early, space is limited to first come first served.

Kamp K2 is an exclusive event for shop employees 18 and over who have signed up for this private event. Those who sign up will gain private access to the resort, endless backcountry options and an accommodation you won't forget! You will no longer be a wallflower but a functioning member of K2's sno-sciety.